05 September 2015

Placemat bag... Completed!

Ages ago I talked about doing something with those pre printed placemats that I found, and I finally got around to doing something with them. 

A bag!

But not just any bag.... A zippered bag! I remember making one of these when I was at TAFE - I even found my original sample (which proves I never ever throw out ANYTHING!)

Since I wasn't working from a pattern, I had to make my own templates. For the sides, I went a little longer than I thought, so I could make any adjustments later on. I also chose to quilt the fronts in a cross hatch pattern, which I reflected on the sides and top. After doing the quilting, it sat for quite a while, as it wasn't working for me..... It needed more structure, more stiffness, to hold its shape better. I found some heavy vilene in my stash, and used some appliqué paper to stick the two together. I used some iron on vilene for the sides as well, sticking it to the back of the batting before quilting it. Should have done this for the front/back also, but it didn't make too much difference once it was done....

I made it quite narrow (8cm wide finished) but it is still huge inside! I lined it with some rubber backed curtain off cuts, which also help it keep its shape. And the zip and all the fabric is also recycled from my stash, which is a plus! ;)

It's definitely not show quality, but still a useful tote bag, made completely from my stash. No idea what to do with the third panel - maybe another bag, but more on the simple side? We will have to see what happens down the track....