08 August 2015

More bread tag robots!

I have tried some more bread tag robots, this time with some proper tools! It's amazing how much easier it is to work when you have the right tool for the job. I had seen a pack of 5 assorted jewellery tools at Spotlight complete in a zip up pouch for $15, but I much preferred paying 30% less with a discount voucher..... ;)

Anyway, buying head pins was expensive, so I bought a roll of beading wire instead, and made them with loops. I think they give a bit of interest to the front, so adding the heart may be too much?

I also tried using the one that I spray painted, and it looks pretty good an breaks up all the whiteness.

So I also thought I would try the loose leg style, and I think I like it more this time around, as they are longer, and the shoulders aren't so pointy. Basically, I just cut 2 tags in half, but the leg ones need to be trimmed a bit around the join and flipped around to make feet. 

The holes are drilled with the smalles bit I have, except for the neck, as the jump ring is thicker so won't go through. Mo measuring, just eyeball and drill. Simple!! 

Not a bad result, if I do say so myself :) And much more secure than the head pins, so the joints are tighter....

They don't look so great from the back, though, so I will consider painting them, at least in primer, to hide the dates that are printed on them. That will give a much nicer look to the finished pieces. Not sure how to fully remove the inside of the key, either. It's such a small space to work with, and you can't get cutters all the way down to the base. I wonder if I should just keep the shank attached, rather than mangle up the back trying to remove it?

Anyway, I will definitely be painting some more tags as soon as the weather calms down a bit, but what to use for the hanging loop? I thought an earring hook, or maybe a keyring? Not sure it would survive that kind of abuse, as they are quite delicate. More thought required on that.....