13 October 2015

Purple elf...

So, I have tried a slightly different shaped bottle, just to see what would happen. It started its life dispensing mayonnaise, but turned it over. It'sw much smaller than the coffee containers, and due to the shape, caused a few issues.

Since it was narrower at the top, I had use spacers for the arms. I used a flat clear bead to use as a spacer, but then it looked strange putting the arm straight on it, so I used some eyelet screws. A couple of extra beads made elbows and knees, so he is fully articulated. Its all tied together with beading wire, and some knots and glue.

He started very differently, and kind of evolved into his final state. 

Lots of materials used to make him - plastic container, sample cup, beads, wood and wire. His hat is the top of a sauce bottle and his feet are biscuits used for joinery. His nose is a wood plug. ;)

I put a bag of beans inside him, also, to stop him from potentially toppling over. He is pretty stable already, but if he's hanging over a ledge, he could easily be knocked off. 

Anyway, he is a different style, that I may try again. He was challenging, but successful, I think? :)