14 October 2015

Nutcracker Suite - a copy, of sorts...

So far I haven't copied any examples exactly from a picture, but this one inspired me ;)

I started with a square juice bottle, and it kind of evolved from there! I just used what I had on hand, although I did have to buy some dowel, as I ran out, and the gold ribbon, as I didn't have one wide enough.

This was quite challenging, as the base of the bottle was not flat, so I used part of the coffee pod to flatten it out. Plus, I cut the neck of the bottle off. It just so happened that the other part of the coffee pod fitted exactly into the bottle neck, so I was able to use this as a base to attach the head. 

The cup I was going to use as his head is now his hat. Turned over, it worked great, but it needed to be capped somehow, so a bottle cap did the trick. Oh, and his shoes are biscuit joiners :)

He's maybe a little pink, but I didn't have a beige paint, so it will have to do. And his legs are a little skinny, but it's what I had on hand......

Overall, I think he turned out great. He is slimmer than the other ones I have done so far, but I am pleased with him. ;)