27 October 2015

Yellow nutcracker...

I had been looking at the yellow bottle for ages, but was not happy with it still being sticky. The decoupage sealer did not dry properly, so I stripped off the paint and started again. I am definitely using Mod Podge from now on!! 

Nothing more to say, other than here he is! Same techniques, different layout.... :) Again, forgot his little beard, which I have now added, but not before I took all the photos! 

I have the others going into the Canning Show next week, so cross fingers I get a couple of prizes. But there wasn't really a category to put them into, so I went with "Christmas" for the green and red ones and "any other article" for the rest. One specifies "junk art", so I think this fits?? We will see... I didn't get anything else that is show worthy, except Dotty and her rabbit. Not expecting any major prizes, but at least I participated, right?? ;)