20 February 2016

TP Lighthouse tutorial

This is pretty much the entire equipment list - TP roll, template, top of choice, glue, paint and sealer.

I just used pegs to hold the template in place, and just cut it out. I made the template out of paper, based on the dimensions of the roll, and just tweaked it. Still a little crooked, but it's close enough...

I then used some Popsicle sticks to hold it while it dried. These happen to be bowed in the middle, so it helps hold the centre together - bowed sides in, hold with pegs.

Some paint, then Mod Podge. Don't forget to paint the windows and a door! Add the doorknob once the sealer dries...

Make the top, however you like. No rules, remember?

This piece just happened go fit perfectly into the top, but the circle works also, or a pod? 

I also put a Caffitaly pod in the base, to hide all the inside bits, but it doesn't fit the smaller roll, so I used another pod piece. 

They are really easy, and quick, too!! ;)