21 February 2016

Fabric book covers

Finally got to play with some fabric! It seems like ages since I turned Bernie on for something more than a cushion or bag!

I had been looking at making some fabric book covers for ages! I finally bought some spiral binders to experiment with. I also had a smaller notebook that was a tester....

First up, the smaller one - A5 size....

Used up bits that were given to me, mixed with some lace, and I think it turned out OK. This one was stitched onto some scrap batting with no lining, but the colour on the book was showing through so I had to cover it over. I also put a stretch fabric at the spine, which I thought would be a good idea, but it would need refining 'cause it made it too loose. It could work with a tighter knit, so I'm not disregarding the idea totally, just yet....

Second try, I used up a quilt block with a base inside, but no batting. 

Not too bad, but it ended up a little short and was curling the corners up at the front. To combat this, I trimmed the book a little bit, but that is cheating... ;) I feel like it's missing something, though...... (This book has been sold)

Third try, and this one is essentially a quilt sandwich, with envelope ends. Also experimented with stamps, with minimum success. I think this could be partly related to the fabric choice, rather than the technique itself.

Added a bookmark to this also. Finished a bit large for the book, but it's ok. 

Learned heaps for each one, so any others that I make should be perfect! Just kidding.... ;)