05 February 2016

TP roll lighthouses...

So, moving on from standard straight sided roll, what would happen if cut it up the side, and make a cone shape? A lighthouse... or 4!

Started by trying to cut out windows and door, but didn't like the result a whole lot. It's very difficult to get a clean cut, as the quality of the cardboard is not that great, for obvious reasons. Also, had to paint the inside black to stop seeing cardboard inside. The top is a clear coffee pod with a circle taken out of a milk top, a bead for the "light", held together with some beading wire. I threaded it through from underneath, secured with a sequin, and put a loop at the top to secure it. Like the stripes, though ;)

Second time around, I had made the pattern to get the biggest cone shape, so it can be replicated. Same technique for the top, but swirley paint this time.

Third time, more stripes, but change of top, with a pod insert inside the clear pod, and another pod in the base. (The pic explains it better)

Lastly, I simplified a lot, made it mainly white, used a funky pod on top with beads on top of that, and pod insert as a base. This tp roll is a different brand, and is smaller than the others, so fitted differently.

All have been sealed in Mod Podge, with a bead as a door knob. 

Experimented with several other tops, and all would work. There are no rules, right? It's my interpretation of a fantasy lighthouse...... ;)

Very easy to do, much improvement to be done, but I need to get my fabric fix :) It's been a while....

But first, a tute could be in order? Stay tuned....