09 April 2016

Another finish, another bag!

Mums been doing some cleaning up, and found a fabric panel I had given her her to add a machine embroidered design to. Thing is, I have her machine here to play with, so it was passed back to me to finish. 

Blogged back in October 2013 : http://danaspageofstuff.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/another-bag.html

Ages back I bought a bag of random scraps, and in amongst the pieces was this panel. It looks like it was going to be a cot bumper or something like that? Anyway, I thought it was missing something, so after looking through the book that came with the machine, I found a hot air balloon that might work.

After doing a sample, I went ahead with the real thing! Turned out a little tight, but worked out ok...

I remember, at the time, buying some (what I thought was) matching fabric, but, looking with fresh eyes it was not close enough to be passable. So it needed to be contrast instead. 

I also added some sequins to the trees to liven them up a bit. I had thought about beads, but they were too intrusive, and we're catching on everything, so sequins were the next best thing.

This is what I ended up with in the end:

It's heaps bigger than I was expecting! I decided to line it to give it some body, but found that the sides kept collapsing, so I decided to add some buttons at hold it together. Probably should have put some stabiliser into the navy top panel, as it's pretty soft, but it will make a good beach bag or similar. ;)