15 April 2016

Doily madness!!

I bought some more crochet doilies (commercially made, not family heirlooms) to do some more cushions. I still have some of the pink napkins, so I decided to use these up, plus cut some up (nooooo!!) to see what it looks like.


There were some that were the same design , plus a couple of random shapes, so I played around a bit until I found a layout that I liked. A Google search for lace doily cushions brought up a pic on denim, so I thought this would be an interesting combination, and I had some on hand.....

Once I decided the size for the cushions, off I went! 

The doilies are attached with invisible thread in a large zigzag. I have left some of the edges free, some are stitched down.

With the blue, they are simply done using two doilies. One is cut into quarters, one has two cut in halves. I think they make an interesting design, don't you?

I will be using the invisible zips again on the pink ones, as I really liked the effect that it made.

So, after stitching up one if the blue versions, they ended up with really point corners, which I didn't like at all. I knew there was a trick to make them less prominent, so I made up a corner template, and used that to make the second. Unfortunately, the zip opening is quite small, but once the cushion is in there, it looks heaps better ;)

The denim ones are done -

Pink ones are done now, too -