30 December 2016

Another bag, of course!

What can you do with pre-printed fabric panel that is supposed to be a cushion, but you don't want to make a cushion? Make a bag, of course!

This was given to me with a bunch of other panels. Whoever purchased this panel actually started to quilt it by hand, but it looks like the batting was too small and they gave up. I unpicked it all for a clean start....

I found a matching burgundy fabric to use for the back and handles, and decided to box out the corners using a strip piece technique, but still quilt the front (by machine, of course...)

Once the quilting was done, I cut the strips to the same length as the panel sides - in this case it is not completely square, so the sides and bottom strip were different lengths. I made them 5cm wide finished, with seam allowances at 1cm. Stitch to the seam allowance at the bottom. This will be stitched together later...

Then join the sides to the back, leaving the seam allowance at the base, same as the front

Then the base (leaving the seam allowance) -

Then you can stitch the ends to form the boxed corners :

I put a little fray stop on the corners, just to hold it a little more secure, since there is no lining (that is the dark patches that you can see in the corners)

So, this is how it will look from the right side :

So, this is where I am at, before handles and top....

The handles I made to finish at 5cm, but in hindsight they could have been thinner. Also cut a binding style top piece.

Stitch the side of the handles, turn and press. I like to put the seam down the centre and top stitch along the sides. Find the centre of the front and back, then space out the handles. I tend to space them at 5cm each side, but it doesn't really matter. No rules, right??

Baste in place, then add the binding piece. 

Turned out it will look like this :

However, I didn't like the proportions, so folded it over and top stitched on the seam. No mess, no overlocking to be seen ;) I also added a little button to the centre, for a little bling.

Another one bites the dust!!