11 December 2016

Make your own Flag Bag

So, the only plan I had with this was that I didn't want it lined afterwards, but rather to build it into its construction. Had to put my thinking cap on, but I think I pulled it off ;)

This is how I did it.....

The flag itself is made of a light weight, silky type fabric, which was double sided. I knew that this would not hold up well unless it had some support behind it. It would also help the design to stand out, since it is quite transparent.

Firstly, I removed the stick, which was only being held by a little hot glue. 

I then roughly trimmed off the seams, to get two pieces of fabric.

I wanted to keep as much width as possible, so after squaring off the top and bottom, I found the halfway point and was able to keep it at 42cm (40cm finished).

Next, I cut 2x strips of navy fabric (in this case 15cm wide) across the total width of my fabric. The bolt just happened to be 150cm wide, so two strips would cover both top, bottom and straps. 

I cut the strip to 82cm (since it is folded, I just needed to add seam allowance to one side, not both). At this stage, I thought I had taken a pic, but it appeared not :( Anyway, I marked halfway from the fold, and across the raw edge. This would become the self lined base.

I decided to further complicate the base to square off the corners. How could I do this?? Aha, I figured it out!!!

With the centre stitched, I folded the corners over and marked the depth of the corner. As it isn't very deep to start with (had I thought of this earlier, I would have made it wider - something to remember for next time!) so it was only 2.5cm from the end.

Mark both ends, both sides, and stitch from the sides to the centre stitching only.

It's a bit fiddly, but stick with me ;)

It will look like 4 separate little leaves. So hard to describe....

Trim the seams back, turn it through and you should get what looks like a boat-

From the other side - a self lined boxed corner. Amazing, hey?

On to the sides ;) I cut a matching lining piece from some curtain lining, with the fabric side out, rubbery side in.

I stitched the sides and the lining pieces into a tube. I also decided to reinforce the sides of the flag pieces, since it is so light weight.

Checking the finished width was 40cm, I stitched the sides to the base.

Then the lining to the other side...

This made the raw edges of the base fully enclosed by the sides. So far, so good!

I pressed the seams up, and ran a row of top stitching sound the bottom, for more support. Also, a row of stitching across the top to hold it all together. The flag itself frays really badly, so I tried to handle it as little as possible without stitching it.

Now for the top and straps!

Again, I cut it to 82cm and joined into a circle. Pressed the seams in and in half to make a jumbo binding.

There was enough leftover of the strips to use as the straps, so these got turned, pressed and top stitched. Finished width 4cm, but all the extra fabric did not get trimmed, but kept inside for extra support.

I considered putting the straps on the outside, but decided to put the inside, instead. 

So, I first stitched the binding piece to the front side if the bag, then positioned the straps on the inside and stitch in place. (No pic taken - I was getting excited that it was all working first time!)

Using loads of pins, I turned the facing to the wrong side, making sure the facing covers the existing stitching. From the front, I ran a row of stitching close to the seam, at this stage, avoiding the straps.

Another row of stitching added (could have included the strap at this stage, but didn't. If I was to do this again, I would stitch it down at this point)

Turn up the strap, and run a row of top stitching around the top, catching the straps down. 

Turn right side out, and we are done!!

Lots of technical stuff in this one, but if all seams are accurate, it should be a breeze ;)