25 April 2013

Bridal bears - the Groom

I think I've mentioned before that I promised to dress some bears for my cousin who's getting married in September, but as yet had not been motivated. Can't put it off any longer, so here goes!!

I thought I had better start with the Groom, since his coat was going to be the most complicated part. But how??

Brainwave!! The bears are about the same size as a CPK, so I hunted through my patterns and found a basic shirt and pants, which fit perfectly!

Having not made a "proper" jacket since I was at TAFE, I got my old trusty reference book out and got to drafting the perfect coat with notched collar. I am not sure exactly what the groom is wearing, only "black suit and white shirt", so I've taken a lot if liberties with the style. Still deciding if pockets will be added, but that can be done later (I have a couple of months up my sleeve...)

As I decided that this will not be removable, and I have not neatened the internal seams, only those that will be seen. With this in mind, there was no point making a full bulky shirt, so I made a kind of "dickie" (fake front), which looks like its full but really isn't. To further help the illusion, I put a ring of white around the cuff of the coat. I used that same shirt pattern as the coat, only redrafted the collar and neckline. Still unsure of colours for his tie, but I'm sure the bride will tell me in time *fingers crossed*

Since I still need access to the shirt, I have not yet attached the buttons, but that will only take a short amount of time to complete when the time comes, so please excuse the pins holding them on!

The bride is next. I have a pic to go on for her, but that doesn't make her less of a challenge! I hate working with satin.... LOL!!