28 April 2013

Same, same.... But different??

I've had an idea sloshing around my head from a couple of weeks now, involving the doll pattern with the 2 piece head.

Ears... Tails.... Animal heads?? Could it be done and actually look OK?? Many a sleepless night I spent thinking about it, till last night I did some preliminary drawings. I started with the usual domestic animals, cats and dogs, and went on to pigs and cows. I got a bit carried away, methinks....

I traced the same head shape as the boy, minus his ears, and drew the eyes in the same place, although I could move the angles and sizes, but the intent was a type of human/animal hybrid rather than "pure" animal. I quite liked the way the line drawings turned out, so today I took some fur pieces I bought at Doll Club and started experimenting!!

I toyed with the idea of just a single pieced head, but went ahead as I had done before separate back and front head pieces stitched up the side over the neck. Why change now, eh??

So, I found some matching coloured fabric, traced my lines and got painting. Tried a technique I modified from using "freezer paper" (not available here in Aus) and thought I would try using clear book covering. Was NOT successful!! It didn't stick as well as I had hoped it would. Back to the drawing board on that one.....

With the eyes a failure, I thought about redoing the face from scratch, but then I thought, why not just paint over it?? Use a pic of a tabby cats features as a guide and just started laying down paint!

As I suspected... Painting is NOT my strong suit!! Turned out OK, but not completely convinced....

In the end, the head is on, ears are on, it's now time for arms and legs!!