14 April 2013


About 10 years ago, I made a rabbit from a pattern I photocopied out if a library book. Just recently I was cleaning up, and I found the fabric I had used for his shirt and kept it aside. I found the pattern - complete with the original rabbit! - a few days later. So I matched them up with the intention of making his female companion.

So, rather than work on the bridal bears like I should have, I dragged out the bits and pieces, and made another rabbit!

It took only an hour or so to make the body, but the rest of the day to make the clothes! They have been stitched on, so will for display only. Originally, I only had the heart fabric and the burgundy, but realised I would need another contrasting fabric for the wings and apron. I found some checked fabric that worked OK, so made a little heart out of it to match in the boy with the girl.

Even better, I didn't have to buy anything!!

So, here they are....