16 November 2013


I've searched high and low for some remaining background blue fabric, but cannot put my finger on it, so back to Spotlight I went. Do I get an almost match or complete contrast??

Well, I got both, to cover both bases. Now that I see them together, hopefully I can use the contrast to separate the blocks enough so they look the same.... I hope! I'm investing a load of time into the embellishment, so I am NOT doing them again!! LOL!!

So far I have remade the single clog in red -

I'm using the actual red clog I have to design the embroidery - not sure how I'm going to do the windmill! This will take some planning....

This tulip will need a little tizz up, too. Maybe a ladybird will appear?? :)

I created this one with two separate designs spliced together. Originally designed to be in a pot, but got rid of it in favour of a bigger flower. Worked quite well, I think... (FYI, it's actually pink, but my photo makes it look red...)

I need to pace myself with this embroidery, though. Long stints are giving me terrible headaches :( On the bright side, I am actually quite enjoying it! Who'd have thunk it??