28 September 2014


I like bugs! Well, the design and beauty of bugs, not ACTUAL bugs.... 😊

While looking for silhouettes for my bag, I found some really nice bug designs. I decided to try reverse appliqué on these, as they have quite a few intricate elements and pointy bits. 

I think a cushion will be the final result on this one. I found some black for the body and used a gold satin for the bug, all with raw edge appliqué.

So far, so good!😉

This grasshopper is teal lining fabric....

And lastly a spider from velvet with red sequins. I really like this, as it gives it some texture. 

After trimming up the fronts, I decided to add a web to Mr Spider. I had some silver thread, and after a couple of guidelines, off I went! Turned out quite well, I think!

Once they have a cushion inside, they really pop!

Must decide which items I'm putting in the show. I'm fast running out of time, so time to stop playing and get to it!!