19 September 2014

Oh deer, another bag... or two?

Deer silhouettes seem to be everywhere at the moment, on cushions mostly, but I had a bag in mind. 

I searched google for some free clip art, found some variations of a deer heads that I liked, blew it up to A4 size. I used this as a template on some visoflix, ironed it onto some fabric, cut it out, ironed in place, ran some stitching around it and finished the bag. Job done ;)

Trying the same idea with another silhouette that I saved. There are numerous designs that could be used - keys, other animals, shoes, etc - but I chose a pair of scissors....

Same fabric, different dimensions. Thus one is much larger, with two pockets, one with the scissor motif, the other just plain.

More fabric used up! Yay for me!! :)