20 September 2014

Callista, a free pattern...

This is a free pattern I printed years ago. I had already made the body and started the clothes, but didn't like the way it looked, so it got shelved. I found her again, and decided to finish her up. She can still be found here - dollmakersjourney.com/callista/  This is how she is supposed to look....

And this is my version:

Firstly, I took off the skirt I had made and removed her legs. While they were off, I added the shoes and ribbon laces. These were glued on, since this is not a play doll I didn't see the need to stitch it. :)

Then I painted eyes and mouth, and while I had the paint out, I also added some panties (since you can see right up her skirt). I found the funky yarn I had planned to use for her hair, changed the fabric and the design of the clothes and continued on. Finally, she gets some wings and a hanging loop, and she is done! I did change the design of the wings, using a commercial one rather than make it from the pattern. I just thought it was too big and stiff, and the others were smaller - plus I already had them on hand!

Another finish, and I'm feeling good!! ;)