26 December 2014

Nutcracker progress...

Having a bit of trouble with my spray painting. Not sure if it's technique or if the paint is bad, but I can't seem to stop the runs! 

I think I'm gonna cover the arms with felt to match his coat, but the legs will have to be painted. I have also bought a spray primer to try and stop the streaks from the brush. Not too sure it is any better, but I will give it another shot tomorrow. I haven't decided how long to make his legs yet, although I have bought a plain coaster as the base to screw it to ;) Loving the gold fringing, too. The girl at Spotlight laughed when I said I only needed 10cm. Why buy more than I need, right?? LOL!!

Having a dilemma over his nose, though. The foam piece I tried was not compressed enough to hold its shape (see below pic), so I need to rethink what I'm going to use instead. I have, however, got the rest of the face sorted. 

And, his hair is on and his hands are painted, so he is progressing pretty well, I think. Just more painting a glueing tomorrow, and we should be done! Then I can get back to my minions.... :)