27 December 2014

Disaster strikes!!

I had a fail... :(  A BIG one....

His head fell over (since I haven't attached it to the body yet) and the bead on his hat came off with a bunch if paint. DISASTER!! Especially since everything else has been attached. I tried to just tape off the top and re spray, but the tape I used took off MORE PAINT!! O.M.G!! You can't be serious??

I had to scrape all the paint off and start again. More taping off, more primer, more paint, and I think I have succeeded...to a point. This will definitely be a keeper.

Anyway, I went back to Bunnings and got some rectangle pine to use for his boot. They may be a little long, but, as already mentioned, it's a keeper :)

He is not yet glued together, but I think he is progressing nicely...in spite of everything that has happened today.

I also redid a nose, so his face will be on tomorrow - once all the paint is fully dry. So, basically all the components are now done, and just need to be put together permanently. 

While researching the nutcracker, I came across this webpage of unusual versions, that is worth a look.