01 August 2015

Christmas crafting, recycled style...

A cute little Snowman popped up on my FB feed using bottle tops. How could I resist giving it a go?? 

I had already started saving milk bottle tops for someone (can't remember now who?) and thought I could substitute with these instead. To get some variation in size, I used a milk bottle tops and the lid from a pasta sauce, but I also tried a coke bottle top. Another item I have been salvaging from the recycle bin are the used coffee pods, and thought this would make an awesome hat ;)

So, here is my interpretation of the Snowman. His head is a milk bottle top and his body is a lid from a glass jar. I painted it with my white spray sealer, first on the outside only, but went back and did the inside as well. I sealed it with some Mod Podge, and doubled up using it as the glue. I used some googly eyes and a faulty bead for his nose, some sequins for his mouth. Some beads make his buttons, although they look a little small... His scarf is made from felt, but I will raid my ribbon box next time.....

As a test, he isn't too bad. A few notes to remember, spray the backs FIRST, then the front, to stop the front being damaged. The head pin was causing the base to spin backwards when held up, so I used a bead to separate it a little from the rim of the lid, and used another between the "body" and "head" to give somewhere for the scarf to sit. I could use wire, to make it a bit softer? The hat has been deliberately placed at an angle, but could be straight on, if required. I could also glue two lids back-to-back, to give a more 3D effect, or even just his head?? May try that next time.... ;)