01 August 2015

Mini Halloween baskets

Many months ago, we were lucky enough to receive a gift basket of local yoghurt. Delicious they were, too. However, they also came in the cutest little containers. 

A bit of eucalyptus oil and some elbow grease, and the print came right off! The handle pops off, too... Once it was all gone, I painted with the plastic primer, and put a layer of black spray paint on top. Loved the finish, so just added a simple sticker, to break it up. 

This, however, was the end of my good luck :( The next ones, the primer went on great, but for whatever reason, the colour layer would bubble up, taking me back to step one. Take off all the paint, prime, and colour again. Happens again!! What is going on??? I tried one last time, paying very close attention to cleaning and dusting them down. Used some cleaning alcohol, just to be sure. Finally, success! So frustrating!

Anyway, I tried something different with the big one, trying a stencil. Not too successful, but with a bit of pen work, I saved it (kinda). Sealed with matte Mod Podge, to keep the finish.

The other one I thought I might paint freehand. And what better to paint than dripping blood? Good old Google was able to give me some ideas, however my red paint, for some reason, was a bit gluggy, so I went over it a couple of times to try and smooth it out. Average success, but with the gloss sealer over the top, it looks better. Don't know where it's lid has gone, but it will be reunited when located ;)

I think they turned out ok, in the end...

Size wise, the little ones are perfect for dolls, such as Baby Face. 

The bigger one is more CPK size...

If I get more, I will definitely make some more! But make sure to clean them properly before spray painting them or it could become an enormous headache....