01 August 2015

More Christmas recycling!

I'm on a recycled Christmas blitz! All the bits and pieces I have been hoarding are finally finding a use!!

Cue the unfinished items with big plans (lucky I still have a couple of months up my sleeve).

Just had the bathroom renovated, so no need to a shower curtain anymore. What do I do with all the rings? So far, a mini wreath, but I my also thinking dream catcher? This one is a bit of  red bias binding and some white ribbon, with a bell and a bow to top it off. I haven't finished this one yet, but it is very close. 

Next is this snowman variation. Before I painted the last one, I thought about glueing on some fleece. Not too successful, as you can see the red poking though, but once there is a face and buttons on, it should be ok. I can't remember what I used for the head, but the body is a milk bottle top. Maybe it's a coke bottle top? Not sure.....

Last year I made a gift out of cardboard and felt, I may make some more, but make them smaller. Maybe houses? Will have to see what happens...

So much inspiration at the moment, but not so much motivation. I'm gonna blame winter.... ;)