24 December 2012

Bikini babes.....

12 months ago, when Bernie was playing up, I made a couple of Bikini Babes from a Patchwork and Sewing magazine. I preparation for Bernie's return, 3 bikini babes and one snorkeller were completed.

They are supposed to be on a beach bag, and I think that I will follow this idea, although slightly modify the proportions - not because I think it will look better, but based on the size of the fat quarters I bought for the sea and sand!

As you can see from the magazine pic, there should be the same print top and bottom, plus the side that is not shown of the snorkeller underwater. I don't have enough "water" to do both, but I do have some sky that can be used for the top and handles, which I think will suffice.

I have already cut the back with the snorkeller and ironed him on, and prepped the girls on the sand panel, so lets get machine blanket stitching! I think I'm an expert, after the last one!! LOL!

The pattern is from smeedesigns.com, and they have a bunch of cool designs I would love to try. Maybe I will even email my finished bag to put into the gallery? Depending how it turns out, of course.....