16 December 2012

The home stretch...

Given the fiasco with the shrinking of the borders, I knew quilting this would be a nightmare to quilt!

Not only did the border fabric shrink, it seems the off-white fabric did also. The quilt top got a bit baggy, so definitely not a show winner! Pity, though, cause this was such a fun and easy project.

The original pattern called for hair with a button in the centre, however once I had some hair on, it would have been way too bulky, so I used the button on the dress instead. So cute!! And the eyes were supposed to be French knots, but I used some white paint, for simplicity.

Also, the pattern called for stipple quilting on the dolly patches, but given the top was no longer flat, I thought a bit of echo quilting would be much more appropriate.

Just the binding to go, and she's all done!