30 December 2012

TRG bear gets an upgrade..

I had been hunting a small-ish gun ever since TRG bear was created. I knew he needed more than just his camo pyjamas, and I found one at our local market!

The gun is actually a keyring, and not technically the correct gun, but who's looking that closely?

The plan was to make a thigh holster. I just used elastic for the waist and leg strap, and leather for the holster. Again, not technically correct, but the gun fits well and it looks cute!

I also had the idea of making a balaclava. I don't knit, and I have no idea how I would crochet one, so it's gotta be fabric! I made one out of a textured knit, but after walking past it for a day, I decided it was not the right colour, so I remade it in a darker green. Much better!

Finally, he needed some camo netting! How can you hide in the scrub without the right camouflage? After studying some pics online, I worked out the right pattern, then I cut on all the lines, gave it a little rinse in some water to fluff it up, and voila!

Let's go fight some bad guys!!