17 May 2014

Mini machines...

Another minor collection that I have is miniature sewing machines. I started with tiny ornaments, but gradually got bigger! Price is a major factor in any that I buy - many came to me free if charge, although I have no idea if they actually work or not! But that doesn't make any difference to me ;)

My most recent purchase - a Sanrose Toy Company machine. It is solid, heavy, green and GORGEOUS!! Google can't shed any light on it, but hopefully I can find out something about it. All I know is they also came in black. (Pics found, but no info online) It's missing the thread holder and the cover on the side compartment, but that is going to be replaced by a carpenter friend. The base is a little warped so the lid doesn't fit too well, but who cares?? Not me!!

I have some Singers, too. This one is model 67B, made in France.

And this one is a Golden Panoramic Model 67813, also made in France.

Another Singer.... This time, made in Yugoslavia!

This unusual one has no dates or markings, but is Made in China. The cover folds down into a cute container at the back with the foot held in place in a special section, very clever design!

Plus a couple of cheapies, one stickered Holly Hobbie, the other appears to be a copy. No dates found on either one....

I need to document all the tiny ones, too! There are some cuties in there - and take up much less space!! ;)