11 May 2014

Bow ties!!

I've wanted to make a bow tie quilt for ages! The one with the puffy centre, not just a flat one... ;)

There are many tutorials online, but here is my version. It's so EASY!! It takes longer to cut the squares than sew them up!

Firstly, decide on background and bow colours. Cut 3x squares for the bow and 2x for the background, all the same size. Depending upon the final block size you want, this will work for any size! I used 11cm squares so that my final block size would be 20cm with a 5mm seam allowance.

In my pic, I have folded out my centre to get an idea of the final look, but trust me, it's the same size as the others ;)

Fold the centre square in half wrong sides together, and run across bottom of background square. Place a bow square on top, sandwiching the folded piece at the bottom with the pieces right sides facing, stitch down the side.

Once that is done, open it out and do the same again, using the other two pieces. Make sure the pieces are opposite to the first set.

Here's where it gets a little tricky.....

Finger press the seams in your preferred direction - I went towards the darker fabric - and open out the "centre", matching up the seams in the middle. They should fit pretty well with the seams in opposite directions. Put in a pin to hold in place.

Flatten out the centre and stitch from the top and stop at the pin. You will then need to manipulate the remaining side so that it is flat, and then continue to the end of the side.

Now, for the magic!! Just open it out... Ta daa!! 

Now, just press and that's it!

Now, to decide on a layout. I chose scrappy colours (what's new there??) so making a cohesive will be a challenge, but I am leaning towards them all facing the same way. I think it would look amazing with random colours and just the centres one colour, don't you think?? Black and whites with red centres, maybe??